Main developer

Rafael Vázquez from IMATI-CNR (Pavia, Italy) and EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland).

List of contributors

  • Viacheslav Balobanov, Bernoulli-Euler beam, error in H^2 norm.
  • Andrea Bressan, implementation of SubGrid methods and other contributions for Stokes problem.
  • Elena Bulgarello, contributions to the 3D div-conforming splines.
  • Adriano Côrtes, Nitsche’s method for enforcing Dirichlet conditions with div-conforming splines.
  • Jacopo Corno, beta testing and geometry of the Tesla cavity.
  • Luca Dedè, advection-diffusion equation.
  • Carlo de Falco, contributions to the design of the code, implementation and maintenance of oct-files, implementation of many low level functions, and constant advice and support.
  • Sara Frizziero, contributions to the 3D div-conforming splines.
  • Eduardo M. Garau, algorithms and implementation of adaptive methods with hierarchical B-splines.
  • Monica Montardini, collocation methods.
  • Marco Pingaro, implementation of the bilaplacian and the Kirchhoff-Love plate.
  • Alessandro Reali, contributions to the original design of the code.
  • Anna Tagliabue, advection-diffusion equation.
  • Lorenzo Tamellini, collocation methods.