You can download the latest version of GeoPDEs in the following link:

Download GeoPDEs 3.1.0

File contents

  • The GeoPDEs package.
  • The GeoPDEs hierarchical package (beta version).
  • The NURBS package.
  • Two technical reports, explaining the design of GeoPDEs.
  • A README file, with detailed installation instructions.
  • For MATLAB users, the mex files of the NURBS toolbox.

Installation instructions (quick guide)

Octave users

Type at the Octave prompt the three following commands:

  1. pkg install nurbs-_version_.tar.gz
  2. pkg install geopdes-_version_.tar.gz
  3. pkg load geopdes
  4. pkg install geopdes_hierarchical-_version_.tar.gz
  5. pkg load geopdes_hierarchical

Matlab users

Uncompress and untar the files containing the NURBS package (nurbs-_version_.tar.gz), the GeoPDEs package (geopdes-_version_.tar.gz) and the GeoPDEs_hierarchical package (geopdes_hierarchical-_version_.tar.gz).

Add the three folders, with all their subfolders, to the Matlab path.

More detailed installation instructions are found in the README file.

GeoPDEs in GitHub

The source code of GeoPDEs is now available in GitHub. Older versions of GeoPDEs are also available in the repository.