GeoPDEs has been released along with a technical report (article published version) explaining its design and its main features, to be used as a brief user’s guide. A second technical report (article published version) explains the algorithms for the implementation of hierarchical B-splines. Both reports are included among the files to download.

Getting started: running the examples

GeoPDEs contains a set of simple examples, that can be run with the commands:

  • geopdes_base_examples
  • geopdes_elasticity_examples
  • geopdes_fluid_examples
  • geopdes_maxwell_examples

These will guide you through a set of menus to choose some examples for solving different model problems.

The examples for adaptivity with hierarchical B-splines can be found in the folder geopdes_hierarchical/inst/examples.

Function help

Each function in GeoPDEs comes with a detailed help, explaining its functionality and its input and output arguments. The documentation for each function can be accessed with the help command, as for any other Octave/Matlab function.

After the installation, the list of available functions in GeoPDEs can be accessed with the commands
pkg describe -verbose geopdes (Octave users)
help geopdes (Matlab users, or Octave users not using the pkg installation).

Getting support

If you require further help, please subscribe to the GeoPDEs-users mailing list, and send your questions to the list.